Building your team

Have you ever built your own development team? It takes you time and money to find the right person for the job. Interviewing numerous candidates about ever-changing technologies, culling lists, and settling on your developer.

Before they even start, you’re saddled with the cost of benefits such as insurance and all of the perks that you promised them (plus, maybe even a signing bonus). After that, you’ve got all of the hours of onboarding that take up time from your HR, developers, and other engineers. When your developer does eventually start work, you quickly find out that his expertise doesn’t extend far beyond one specific topic and you’re going to have to now look for another developer.

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How it works at DB BesT

At DB Best, we've got a team of over 300 talented developers with a broad expertise in various modern technologies. We can share our experience, expertise, and resources with you on a dedicated basis! Take advantage of DB Best's development team, whether you're looking for a mobile or web developer or even for the team ready to address your needs.

Speaking with your dedicated Account Manager, we introduce you to your new team and you work with them to build your app. Within a few days, you’ll have discussed everything from cloud platforms to color schemes. Our developers quickly get working on the first version of your app.


The DB Best developers are cost-effective, scalable, and reliable. Adding an extra platform or technology is as easy as walking across the hallway (because that’s what we do). If you find that your customers are begging for a new feature, DB Best’s dedicated developers can seamlessly create, test, and deploy it without you having to think about it.

The DB Best team provides a full application development cycle, which starts with business analysis and ends with quality assurance, deployment, and maintenance. This means that our dedicated development teams can address all your needs, or just help on the certain stages of your project.

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As partners of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, the DB Best developers are technologically agnostic. What this means is that our team has expertise in all modern technologies and can help you compare and pick up the right solution for your needs.

If you want to add in some of the cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or even facial recognition into your application, then we can easily do that as well. No matter whether you need an iOS or Android app, a website or a cloud application, we're here to help you.


You can easily scale the team as your project grows. DB Best can provide you not only with plain resources, but the talents who love what they do.

  • The DB Best team has got skills with a broad variety of technologies.
  • You can take advantage of our subject matter experts, not just simply using their hands and brain.
  • We provide you with proactive, self-motivated developers.

Let's get started with a free business analysis on the initial discussion stage. Be sure that we can deliver.

What Our Experts Say

What Our Experts Say

As the modern development services are surely moving to the cloud, we've got an extensive experience with leveraging different cloud services. So, our developers can help you take advantage of the best the cloud can offer. Building a reliable and scalable architecture for your is vitally important, as this allows for saving money and reaching the high performance of your app.

Dmitry, Cloud Software Architect

What Our Experts Say

Leveraging the cutting-edge technologies in our own R&D lab, our developers are ready to implement them in the commercial projects. We can improve your existing app by integrating some of the latest technology solutions or build an app of your dream from scratch.

Dmytro, Mobile Development Lead


I've been working as a dedicated developer on a number of healthcare projects over the past few years. We developed the firmware for connected Bluetooth devices, created a series of application for doctors and patients, and worked with various IoT sensors. I'm sure that our friendly and well-qualified staff will be happy to take care of your project.

Alex, .NET full stack developer

What our customers say

DB Best is an extraordinary team to work with. They are professional, honest and very helpful throughout the entire process and are even willing to go the extra mile for you. I really appreciate their service and look forward to working with them again in the future. The team was very kind and understanding and also honest which is what I appreciate.

Jerrie Evans, Eise Inc.

This project helped evaluate DB Best on development partnership opportunities as opposed to just outsourcing something. DB Best showed a willingness and ability to really listen and learn a bit about our customers and our business domain. The bottom line is, yes, we would continue to work with DB Best when opportunities arise in the future.

Chris Hilemon, Director MHM Technology, Reliability Solutions of Emerson

DB Best Team are great to work with! They delivered on our expectations and were super responsive throughout the project. We look forward to working with them again!

Mike Courtney, Researcher & Futurist at Aperio Insights

DB Best team were friendly, skilled, and thorough. They provided weekly status updates and were receptive to my comments and feedback. Would recommend to anyone.

Jeremy Henrich, Momdevous

I was working for long time with DBBEST team on few projects. They delivered good work on my app development and I enjoyed working with them. The communication was top-notch, they met all deadlines, and their skills were reasonably strong.

Eliran Elbaz, CameraLeap

It all starts with a call

Contact DB Best today to speak to your new Account Manager. After a short meeting, you’ll soon have the blueprints for your app in your hand. The rest, is up to us.